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Winter Boredom Busters for Extreme Family Fun (on the Cheap)

The economy wanes. Credit card bills are in from the holidays. Your CPA sent you a reminder…tax season is right around the corner! Yea. Then the little lights of your life turn off the Xbox and proclaim, with all sincerity, “We’re bored!”

Before you kick them out in the cold North Texas weather, consider that you could use some decompression time. So for the sake of your mental health and skimpy budget, and to teach the kids that out of adversity, resourcefulness is born, check out these ideas. They are the top five winter equivalents to traditional summer activities .

(You do NOT have to get supplies at Wal-Mart, so there’s another perk. And no electricity is required. Everything you need should be in your house. If not, improvise. That’s half the fun. Oh, and be sure to have your camera close at hand.) Continue reading


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The Fit Fad: For the White House and Your House

Did you catch Michelle Obama on Good Morning America last week? When it comes to First Ladies, Nancy cheered kids on to say no to drugs; Laura promoted literacy and reading; Michelle is pumping her firm arms in the air, shouting for everyone to get fit. The Obamas have long been fitness freaks, and I mean freaks. At one point, Michelle was regularly rising at at 4:30 am to meet gal pals at the gym. There’s no denying that Michelle is practicing what she’s preaching in this area.

Fat is Our Fault

According to the American Heart Association, we’re getting fat and unhealthy. This will lead to shorter life, poorer quality of life, and increased healthcare expenses. We’re also facing a childhood obesity epidemic, and the most bittersweet fact is – we can prevent it.

You know why kids are getting plump. It’s the same reason adults pack away the pounds: fast food and little physical activity. We rush from work to school to activities to meetings to the store, while trying to squeeze in household chores. There’s little time to make healthy meals, much less keep up with an exercise routine.

These are excuses. You are the only person who can change your lifestyle, and more importantly, it’s your duty to ensure that your kids are healthy. Ouch! That stings. So what can you do about it? Continue reading


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Snow Skiing in Grapevine? Yep.

It’s 70 degrees in January. Sure, it snowed – and even iced – a few weeks ago, and winter’s not over yet. But what if I told you that you and your family could go snow skiing for under $50 apiece – in Grapevine – during JULY of next year?

It’s true!

In addition to Great Wolf Lodge and The Gaylord Texan, another big indoor extreme experience is headed to our neck of the woods. In just 180 days of construction, Snow Sport Entertainment will introduce Texas Alps to the world. The amazing, $70-million indoor snow ski park to be located at The World Villages of Grapevine, near Great Wolf and The Gaylord. Continue reading


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Kick It at the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo

Want something to do now that the holidays are over? Ready to break in those new boots? You’ll have an absolute blast at the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo, even if you aren’t big on western heritage and smelly (but cute) animals. All the girls love the adorable bunnies, and boys – young and old – watch the motorcycle jumps and bareback-riding Indian with complete awe. And the barbecue! ‘Nuff said.

Be sure to take your camera – and video camera – because when farm animals and yuppies from the suburbs mix it up, you have the perfect recipe for some down-home humor. You’ll even learn a thing or two – like how milk is processed. Don’t be surprised if you’re offered a tug on a teat! (No one will be offended if you politely decline.) You might even find the long history of the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo, which began in 1896, kinda interesting.

Here are some clips from last year’s event…

The Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo runs from January 11 – February 7, 2010. If you’ve never taken the family to this western extravaganza event, now’s the time. Read on for details, including how much dinero you’ll need to get in the gates and a quick link to the FWSSR website. Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Plans? Look No Further.

Whether you want to entertain the kids – or grandkids – or you and your sweetie plan to escape the real world for an unforgettable night of romance, iLIVEcommunity has the scoop on what’s going down in the Grapevine, Roanoke, Southlake, and Trophy Club area. You need look no longer! Your one-stop online resource for fun and entertainment is right under your nose! Literally. Continue reading

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Remodeled Bathroom in Grapevine Historic District

A drive in the historic Grapevine neighborhood, just east of Main Street, can make you feel like time stood still 50 years ago. Treed streets are lined with unique old homes whose charm and character have only grown richer through the years. Time, though, is not quite so kind to the heavily used bathrooms and kitchens in these quaint abodes.

Recently, Chris Duty, Roanoke resident and owner of Striking Image Porcelain Refinishing, transformed one of these homes’ decaying old bathrooms into a fresh, modern bath that not only looks great, but significantly adds to the  home’s value. The homeowner, a do-it-yourselfer by nature, wanted to finish out the bathroom by painting it and laying a new floor himself. Chris was happy to do the work that required a little more expertise. Continue reading

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