The 411 on Kids’ Eyesight Problems

Does your child need glasses?

Kids who avoid reading, complain of headaches, or squint to see far away or close up may need to see the eye doctor. Poor eyesight can be hereditary, too, so if both parents wear corrective lenses, their child may also need glasses.

Most people know about these symptoms and situations. But here’s something you may not know. Dr. Mark Zebrowski of Eye Masters in Grapevine, Tx says that children with learning disabilities should visit the optometrist, especially if they exhibit an aversion to reading. In some cases, children go through a battery of diagnostic testing for learning disabilities before they ever have an eye exam – and poor eyesight can contribute to significant learning problems.

“One of my young patients had been through testing for learning disabilities for about a year before the parents thought to bring him in for an eye exam,” says Dr. Zebrowski. “An eye exam is so simple, I wish parents thought to do it first, rather than last. It could save a lot of time, frustration, and expense.”

If kids get eye exams at school, why go to the optometrist?
According to Dr. Zebrowski, school screenings are not as thorough as an optometrist’s exam. Also, eye doctors who work with children know when a child is “cheating” on an eye test. For instance, the child may peek through her fingers or misread the letters on purpose. Dr. Zebrowski recognizes this behavior and gently helps children perform the test correctly for more accurate results. Continue reading


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Expanded and Improved Keller Library Opens March 6th

Keller residents have a reason to read! An awesome $4 million library expansion will open on March 6th. Want a sneak preview? Friends of the Keller Library is hosting a Gala on March 5th from 6 to 9pm. Visit to order tickets, which cost $25 each.

The library now features a large patio off the back, overlooking the park. In addition, a teen reading room, community room, and very fun, very colorful children’s area were constructed. An open floor plan and more windows make the space bright and spacious. Continue reading

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Driving Parents Crazy: The Scoop on Texas Teen Driver’s Ed

My daughter turns 15 next month, so she’s hot to get her Texas driver’s permit. This is beyond scary. First of all, I must deal with the realization that I’m getting old. If that’s not bad enough, I worry about whose car she’ll use for practice. I drive a Nissan 350Z, which is not ideal.

But the most disturbing thought is…with a driver’s license, she can go anywhere, anytime, with or without my approval, and she could get herself into trouble – a car accident, a wrong turn that lands her in a bad part of Dallas, a breakdown after dark – the list goes on and on.

Sure, I trust my daughter, but is this really good parenting? Seems like the risks outweigh the benefits. Alas, I drove at 15, and she will, too. It’s time for me to grow up, I guess.

If you’re facing the same dilemma, here’s what you need to know to make your teenager’s driving dreams come true:

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(Free) Dentistry with a Heart by Dr. Huckabee in Southlake, Tx

Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Heart Month! In February, love is in the air. It’s also when the American Heart Association holds a big campaign to boost awareness about heart disease and prevention.

Southlake folks are on board. Dr. Timothy Huckabee and many other dentists are doing their part to help in the fight against heart disease, spreading the love by offering free dental care to those who need help. Last year, over $60 K of dental work was performed on 120 patients who were treated in Dr. Huckabee’s Southlake dental office.

What’s the connection between dentistry and heart disease? Gum disease affects about 80% of the adult population in America, and it is closely linked to increased risk for heart attack, stroke, and many serious health risks. Continue reading

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Winter Gardening in Northeast Tarrant County

Grapevine, Southlake, Roanoke, and Trophy Club fall in the 8a-7b “middle south,” according to the National Gardening Association website’s USDA Hardiness Zone Finder. What does this mean to you, who have little time for serious gardening? In short, if you want your gardens to look good, you need to know which plants thrive in the middle south. For a full list, visit

As for bulbs, if you haven’t planted them, you may be too late. In our zone, bulbs should go in the ground in December. However, if you hurry, your tulips may bloom in April. Click here to read planting instructions for tulip bulbs.

The Texas Cooperative Extension at A&M offers this advice regarding bulbs. Continue reading

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Dr. Baker is Making Roanoke Smile!

Have you ever been to a dental office where you feel genuinely appreciated? Where you didn’t feel the least bit apprehensive or intimidated? I never knew dental visits could be enjoyable until I visited Dr. Baker’s office.

When I had my first appointment at the practice over a year ago, Dr. Kimberly Baker, Dr. Regan Pruitt, and their team were nestled into a cozy (or crowded) corner office behind Albertson’s on 114 in Roanoke. Even squeezed into a tiny waiting room with other families, the atmosphere was friendly and pleasant. I must say, though, I was pleased as punch when Dr. Baker opened a new, beautiful, standalone office at 1405 Canon Pkwy.

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Southlake 114 Corridor Expansion

Southlake, Texas has a lot to offer: movies, shopping, superb dining. But to commuters, Southlake can be a real hassle. The bottleneck at Hwys. 114 and 121 can literally add 15 minutes to a commute! Well, things are going to get better.

Starting this week, you’ll see signs announcing construction that will begin mid-February and, hopefully, finish in 2014. It may be in your best interest to look for an alternate route during the construction. The speed limit will be reduced to  50 mph, and traffic fines in construction zones are double.

As for the cost of the project, the total is $1.02 billion for the 8-mile stretch that will become a toll road. Yes, a toll road. The powers that be believe the investment will yield improved safety, traffic flow, and air quality.

And what about the stretch of 114 that goes through Solana, Trophy Club, and Roanoke? According to, the remaining portion, just over 14 miles, has no funding yet. Yikes! Guess that backup in Trophy Club will only get worse. Sigh.

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