Want to grow your business? Until June, iLIVEcommunity.com is offering free advertising – no contract, no commitment, no strings attached. If in June, you want to continue, we’ll discuss paid advertising then. For now, it’s free, and you have  nothing to lose. Simply email your logo, contact info, and name to ilivecommunity@gmail.com, or call 940-395-5115 if you have questions.

Why would I buy a feature story? What’s the real benefit?

According to Shannon Cherry, author of Be Heard and owner of Cherry Communications, publicity is: “..news, not a sales pitch.” She has found that consumers read news with less skepticism and more interest than they would feel reading an advertisement. Readers also tend to believe that news is true and unbiased, which lends credibility to the information, ie: your business. In our case, the news we write is true and unbiased. If we don’t like your product or service, you will not qualify to advertise on the site! Our reputation is on the line, so we demand integrity – from us and our advertisers.

At iLIVEcommunity.com, we promote our advertisers with timely, interesting news stories – professionally composed by experienced web journalists – in addition to traditional Internet advertising.

A feature story at iLIVEcommunity.com can be paired with:

  • Your logo for brand recognition
  • Photos of your shop, event, or employees
  • Video – a personal tour or explanation of your service
  • Comments – so you can hear what readers think about your news story
  • Trackable traffic – so you can tell how many people have read your article
  • Keyword optimization – to bring in targeted traffic
  • Backlink to your website – to boost your site’s SEO strategy and pull traffic to your site
  • The power of eternity – your news story will be archived indefinitely on iLIVEcommunity.com
  • Map and directions – we’ll link to your Google Map or Yahoo Map
  • Other promotional links – we’ll link to your YELP! reviews, Facebook page, or Twitter account
  • Coupons – you can’t go wrong with a “Special Internet Offer!”
  • A business listing with your logo and links to your site, map, news story, and reviews
  • A sidebar ad with your logo with a fast-click link to your website

What is iLIVEcommunity.com doing to promote website traffic for my story?

A ton!!! We’re all about local publicity – because your clients and patrons live where you work – in Roanoke, Southlake, Trophy Club, and Grapevine. You’ll see our brand all over town – particularly on posters in local businesses and on car window stickers. In addition, iLIVEcommunity.com will be out and about in the community.


  • “Tailgate Parties” – you’ll see us at local events, in iLIVEcommunity.com attire, passing out bottled waters and meeting our neighbors
  • We will sponsor children’s sports through paid advertising and promotion at iLIVEcommunity.com
  • We will volunteer with local charities, offering a helping hand to those in need


  • Blogs carry more weight on Google than traditional websites because the posts are considered news.
  • We use specific keywords to optimize each article on iLIVEcommunity.com, which ensures targeted traffic to your news story.
  • Your website will benefit from a backlink – a link we place from your news story and business listing to your website. Search engine spiders love backlinks.
  • We promote iLIVEcommunity.com on other blogs through comments, article sharing, and link swapping.

How will I know if my advertising with iLIVEcommunity.com is paying off?

After your story has been up for 24 hours, Google keywords in the title and see where it comes up in the search engine results page (SERP). Google your company name, and you’ll find that your story ranks high there, too. In addition, we can tell you how many hits your story has received on any given day. Just ask. You can also look at your website’s incoming links and see how many folks click through from iLIVEcommunity.com to your site. Beyond that, ask your clients where they found out about your company. This is a good rule of thumb regardless of where you advertise!

What does advertising with iLIVEcommunity.com cost?

Until our launch on June 1, 2010, we’re offering free business listings and free news stories to select businesses. If your company or owner lives in the Grapevine, Roanoke, Southlake, or Trophy Club area, email iLIVEcommunity@gmail.com to request information about this pre-launch offer. After June 1, 2010, advertising rates will be assessed based on the information at http://ilivecommunity.com/advertising.

Beginning in June, we will offer paid advertising. Call Chris at 940.395.1406 or email iLIVEcommunity@gmail.com for rate information.

How many times can I buy a feature story?

To keep the news fresh and interesting, we only allow advertisers to purchase a feature story once a quarter. So, you’ll need to allow three months between features. Keep in mind, each feature story must have a news angle, so think about things like: what do I offer the community; what are the benefits of my product or service; what free tips or expert advice can I offer; which of my customers would provide a testimonial?

What do I do to keep advertising with iLIVEcomminity.com between story release dates?

In addition to the feature news stories, we offer sidebar advertising, in the form of a logo or hyperlink, as well as two levels of business listings.

Do I need professional photography?

No. You can submit digital photos that you take with your own recreational camera. We’ll let you know if the images are right for our publication. If you would like a professional to shoot your pictures, iLIVEcommunity.com has a talented, local photographer on staff. If you purchase a feature news story, we will take up to 10 photos for $50.

How can I get a video up with my feature story?

If you have a video on YouTube, we’ll post it with your story. If you’d like us to shoot a video for you, the cost is $100 for a 1-minute video that we post with your story and on YouTube. The video will be yours, so feel free to use it on your website and with other online marketing efforts.