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Five Ways to Love Your Community in Roanoke and Grapevine, Texas

Valentine’s Day is over, but take heart. You can still share your love with everyone! encourages YOU to give back to the community that you call home. Everyone tends to have good intentions, but only actions count. A couple of dollars or a few moments of your time could seriously improve someone’s life.

These five little ways to help are simple, quick, and the whole family can participate.

  1. GRACE: Grapevine Relief and Community Exchange
    In addition to professional services and monetary donations, GRACE accepts donations of lightly used household goods and clothing at Donation Station. You can also donate new medical supplies, unopened drug samples from your doctor, and non-perishable food items. All donations help members of the Grapevine community who need assistance during hard times. Continue reading

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Entertainment for Wine Connoisseurs in Grapevine, Texas

You’ve probably heard about Grapefest*, the Main Street, Grapevine, celebration that brings families, wine, and businesses together for a few days of serious fun each fall. But did you know, Grapevine has more to offer when it comes to wine.

Delaney Vineyard Girls' Nite Out

Delaney Vineyards, for instance, offers tours and tastings, so you can drop by, learn about the wine-making process, explore the vineyards with a tour guide, and sample wines before you go. The Delaney Vineyards tour makes for a great couples’ or girls’ night out. Besides Delaney, which is located on Hwy 121, Grapevine’s downtown district features a few tasting rooms and cafes you may enjoy. D’Vine Wines, for instance, offers live entertainment on Thursday and Saturday nights. Farina’s Winery & Cafe offers a full menu for lunch and dinner. At Homestead Winery & Tasting Room, visitors leave behind their signatures on the wall or ceiling.

Looking for an all-day adventure? Eight Grapevine, Texas vineyards and/or tasting rooms participate in three annual Wine Trail events: the Valentine Wine Trail, February 13 & 14, the New Vintage Wine Trail, April 16 & 17, and the July 4th Wine Trail. Tickets cost around $50 each, and they normally include three tastings at each location, a souvenir wine glass, hors d’oeuvres, and one bottle of wine. Limousine service is available for the tour, as are special hotel packages for out-of-town guests. Continue reading

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The 411 on Kids’ Eyesight Problems

Does your child need glasses?

Kids who avoid reading, complain of headaches, or squint to see far away or close up may need to see the eye doctor. Poor eyesight can be hereditary, too, so if both parents wear corrective lenses, their child may also need glasses.

Most people know about these symptoms and situations. But here’s something you may not know. Dr. Mark Zebrowski of Eye Masters in Grapevine, Tx says that children with learning disabilities should visit the optometrist, especially if they exhibit an aversion to reading. In some cases, children go through a battery of diagnostic testing for learning disabilities before they ever have an eye exam – and poor eyesight can contribute to significant learning problems.

“One of my young patients had been through testing for learning disabilities for about a year before the parents thought to bring him in for an eye exam,” says Dr. Zebrowski. “An eye exam is so simple, I wish parents thought to do it first, rather than last. It could save a lot of time, frustration, and expense.”

If kids get eye exams at school, why go to the optometrist?
According to Dr. Zebrowski, school screenings are not as thorough as an optometrist’s exam. Also, eye doctors who work with children know when a child is “cheating” on an eye test. For instance, the child may peek through her fingers or misread the letters on purpose. Dr. Zebrowski recognizes this behavior and gently helps children perform the test correctly for more accurate results. Continue reading

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Meet Josh, My Personal Chef for Entertaining at Home

Free Picture of Sliced Roast Beef and Greens. Click Here to Get Free Images at Clipart Guide.comI had to plan a great event, at a reasonable cost, for girls night out. Problem – my friends are diverse. I hang out with new moms, working moms, grandmoms, and single women. They’re from all budgets and backgrounds, too. So I had to think, what do we have in common besides being female? The answer was clear – a passion for chocolate. That, and we all love great food.

Come to find out, a  long-time friend of my husband’s, Josh Webster, a Grapevine resident, is a professional chef. He was my first call – and it was the best decision I could have made. After chatting with me through email and on the phone, Josh created a menu of 8 gourmet appetizers, one to be served every 30 minutes throughout our Saturday night event. From the sirloin-bleu cheese mini burgers to the really exotic creations to homemade chocolate-cayenne ice cream, the entire menu was to die for. Best food I ever had, for certain. Continue reading

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The Fit Fad: For the White House and Your House

Did you catch Michelle Obama on Good Morning America last week? When it comes to First Ladies, Nancy cheered kids on to say no to drugs; Laura promoted literacy and reading; Michelle is pumping her firm arms in the air, shouting for everyone to get fit. The Obamas have long been fitness freaks, and I mean freaks. At one point, Michelle was regularly rising at at 4:30 am to meet gal pals at the gym. There’s no denying that Michelle is practicing what she’s preaching in this area.

Fat is Our Fault

According to the American Heart Association, we’re getting fat and unhealthy. This will lead to shorter life, poorer quality of life, and increased healthcare expenses. We’re also facing a childhood obesity epidemic, and the most bittersweet fact is – we can prevent it.

You know why kids are getting plump. It’s the same reason adults pack away the pounds: fast food and little physical activity. We rush from work to school to activities to meetings to the store, while trying to squeeze in household chores. There’s little time to make healthy meals, much less keep up with an exercise routine.

These are excuses. You are the only person who can change your lifestyle, and more importantly, it’s your duty to ensure that your kids are healthy. Ouch! That stings. So what can you do about it? Continue reading


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Snow Skiing in Grapevine? Yep.

It’s 70 degrees in January. Sure, it snowed – and even iced – a few weeks ago, and winter’s not over yet. But what if I told you that you and your family could go snow skiing for under $50 apiece – in Grapevine – during JULY of next year?

It’s true!

In addition to Great Wolf Lodge and The Gaylord Texan, another big indoor extreme experience is headed to our neck of the woods. In just 180 days of construction, Snow Sport Entertainment will introduce Texas Alps to the world. The amazing, $70-million indoor snow ski park to be located at The World Villages of Grapevine, near Great Wolf and The Gaylord. Continue reading


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