It’s going to look a little funky…

To provide a more interactive and visually appealing website at, we’re shaking it up. For a few days, you may notice limited new content, if any, and some wackiness with the layout. Rest assured, we’re going crazy on purpose! The result will please – no question.

In the mean time, check us out on Facebook.

Spring Break Tailgate Parties – We will be out and about in the community at local parks with T-shirts, a cool drink of quality H2O, and bumper stickers to accessorize your ride. Just look for the banner, and stop by to give a shout out to your neighbors!

Hey Local Biznesses – Want in on the spring break action? Just call us, and we’ll swing by your place to pick up coupons and give aways you’d like us to hand out at our tailgate parties. No charge. No strings. Go community!


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  1. Sharon Smith

    I love your new logo! Hope to see you all at a park in the Grapevine area. Be sure and let us know what parks you’re going to, and when, so your FANS can meet the brains behind this great idea.

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