Power It Up at TNT Supplements & Smoothies in Roanoke

When Rhome residents Tom and Teal Krecioch realized that they would have to drive miles to find a nutritional supplements and vitamin store, they decided to open their own store in Roanoke. As a family with kids in the Northwest ISD, the Krecioches cater to their patrons, because these same folks are their neighbors and friends.

In addition to supplements, TNT features a full smoothie bar. For only four bucks, you can enjoy a large, vitamin packed, delicious smoothie for yourself – or the kiddos! The scrumptious treats are low in calories and fat because each one is made with fresh fruit…yum!

The Kreciochs want the community to understand, nutritional supplements aren’t just for bodybuilders and health nuts. Vitamins and nutritious supplements can complement your diet and help you maintain good health, high energy, and a positive mental state. Visit TNT and talk with Tom or Teal about your diet, and they’ll help you determine the right dietary supplement or vitamins for your unique situation.

TNT is quickly becoming known in the community as “the sample people.” Tom says, how can he expect people to invest in supplements if they don’t know what to expect? “Supplements become your diet in some cases, and you need to know that what you eat will taste good.” Special orders are welcome, and Tom has tested quite a few products, so he can make recommendations suited to your tastes, as well.

Click here for a coupon and more information about TNT!


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