Winter Boredom Busters for Extreme Family Fun (on the Cheap)

The economy wanes. Credit card bills are in from the holidays. Your CPA sent you a reminder…tax season is right around the corner! Yea. Then the little lights of your life turn off the Xbox and proclaim, with all sincerity, “We’re bored!”

Before you kick them out in the cold North Texas weather, consider that you could use some decompression time. So for the sake of your mental health and skimpy budget, and to teach the kids that out of adversity, resourcefulness is born, check out these ideas. They are the top five winter equivalents to traditional summer activities .

(You do NOT have to get supplies at Wal-Mart, so there’s another perk. And no electricity is required. Everything you need should be in your house. If not, improvise. That’s half the fun. Oh, and be sure to have your camera close at hand.)

  1. Frisbee – Tortilla Toss
    Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Just grab a tortilla and toss. And if it falls, the dog will get in on some Keep Away action.
    TIP: Small tortillas work best.
  2. Paintball or Air Soft – Junk Mail Tag
    Wad up that junk mail and wrap it in Duck Tape or Saran Wrap to secure the wads and make balls. Each player gets the same number of wads to begin, then go for it. Pick up the used ammo and keep the game going for hours.
    TIP: Little ones may need to keep their wads in a bucket or bag. Those little hands make holding more than one wad quite difficult.
  3. Hide and Seek – Same Concept, Indoors
    Anywhere under the roof is fair game for becoming a hiding spot. Other than that, it’s all good. Pair up one big kid or adult with one little kid. The teams can get wildly creative. Very cool.
    TIP: No hiding in the fridge or dryer. Very dangerous.
  4. Riding Bikes – Staircase Slide
    Pull out your sleeping bags from the camping gear you put away last fall. Tuck a kid inside and pull ’em around the house. For sliding on the stairs, be sure to put sofa cushions at the bottom!
    TIP: Nylon sleeping bags or satin sheets work best. They’ll slide on carpet and tile. You might also put a helmet on the kids.
  5. Nature Collections – Best Dust Bunny Art Gallery
    If your family is a bit less athletic, no sweat. Literally. Have a nature hunt for the best dust bunnies or sofa treasure. Place your collections on the dining room table with index cards that proclaim what the finds look like. You will be surprised, and possibly disgusted, by what you’ll find under the dryer.
    TIP: Take Claritin before this game.

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One response to “Winter Boredom Busters for Extreme Family Fun (on the Cheap)

  1. Kim

    Awesome post! I’m always looking for free fun things to do.

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