The iLIVE Best Customer Service Ever Award Goes to Oakley in Southlake

The team has been secret shopping for “The Best Customer Service Ever,” and we found it. Here’s the story.

A gentleman ordered prescription sunglasses with custom frames from a local eyewear store. When the frames arrived, the “O” on the side, which stands for the brand, Oakley, was not green as he had specified when placing the order. Unfortunately, the eyewear store could do nothing about it. The sales representative contacted corporate and got caught up in red tape.

The customer decided to contact Oakley corporate. He emailed back and forth with a friendly customer service representative. While the email correspondence did prove positive, the Oakley representative asked for the customer’s patience. He was trying to get the situation handled.

In the mean time, the unsatisfied customer stopped by the retail Oakley store in Southlake Town Center. A salesperson there, Chris, got the store manager, Jeremy, involved. Within 24 hours, Jeremy had the correct custom frames ordered and en route to the Southlake store. Wow. Now that’s customer service!

The crew is sincerely impressed by Jeremy’s and Chris’ above-and-beyond efforts. Way to go, guys! We hereby award you the official “The iLIVE Best Customer Service Ever!”designation for February, 2010.

Oakley – Southlake-O Store
Jeremy Dean, Manager
1256 Main Street – Southlake, Tx 76092
(in Southlake Town Center at 307 Grand Ave. E.)
817-442-9090 – – Website

Hey readers, have you had a stellar customer service experience? To nominate someone for next month’s contest, email your story, with specifics and a photo, to



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2 responses to “The iLIVE Best Customer Service Ever Award Goes to Oakley in Southlake

  1. Jeremy Dean

    Thanks so much for the article! Our store has been open since Dec. ’08 and trying to establish a strong identity of superior customer service within the local community. That’s what we are here for! Come see for yourself!!!

  2. Sharon Smith

    I’m impressed! It’s unusual to get that kind of small town service from a big company. Sounds like the local retail staff know what it takes to get the job done for the customer. I’ll keep this store on my ‘gotta shop there’ list.

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